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31 January 1989
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I'm new to Livejournal. I'm technically not overweight but obsess about losing weight. Despite my unbelievable desire to lose weight, I "give in" and end up eating everything I can see daily. It's becoming a bigger problem lately so I joined Livejournal to see if joining communities and talking to people could help/inspire me/be motivation/give me advice. When I decide to eat, in my head I'm thinking at the same exact time "I hate myself" and "Do it." I end up telling myself I have reason to do it and that I'll stop eating such shit tomorrow and it's never happened. I don't even go out sometimes because I end up hating what I look like in all my clothes and picturing how much better they would look on me and how happy I would be if I were 10-15 pounds smaller. I love talking to people who have the same problem, it motivates me and reminds me how MUCH I actually want this!